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Meet our consortium members

6 world-renowned research institutes and leading industry partners brought together to revolutionize the EV battery industry!

UP Catalyst OÜ

UP Catalyst OÜ is an Estonian start-up, which produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite. The cleantech start-up has developed an electrochemical transformation technology which allows the utilization of industrial CO2 emissions for the production of different types of carbon nanomaterials. UP Catalyst is the lead partner of the project due to the valuable knowledge about carbon nanomaterials synthesis and previous experience on the novel MSCC-ET technology.

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

The university of Bologna (UNIBO) has an active role in many of the most important EU networks and initiatives in the energy field. It is a full member of the European Energy Research Alliance – EERA and is also a partner of the EIT Knowledge & Innovation Communities (“EIT DIGITAL”, “Climate KIC”, “EIT Raw Materials”). UNIBO will characterize the carbonaceous materials produced in the Project for the use in solid and in slurry electrodes for lithium ion batteries and for semi-solid batteries, being the expertise of the research group in the energy field widely proven.

Bettery Srl

BETTERY is an Italian innovative start-up and a spin-off of the University of Bologna, founded in January 2018. Its mission is to develop and bring to market a new class of batteries, with the highest specific energy and safety associated with the lowest cost and recharge time ever reported. The team has extensive knowledge both in solid and semisolid batteries and it is equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for the battery chemistry validation. Therefore, Bettery is excellently positioned among the key players involved in the battery value chain and has a comprehensive view of the critical challenges to be addressed for the development of innovative batteries.

Riga Technical University

Innovative Product Development Unit is an accredited higher education establishment and research organization of Latvia. RTU places large emphasis on creation of “start-ups” and “spin-offs”, and this process is supported by RTU Innovative Product Development Unit. RTU Innovative Product Development Unit provides competence and infrastructure for product and business development, i.e. design, prototyping and testing, business support programs. Its role in the CO2Carbon project is the  design of the first ever automated shipping synthesis reactor.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. RISE is an independent, non-profit, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in R&D. After several years of merging Swedish research institutes into what is now called RISE, RISE now drives advanced research in a broad spectrum of areas that are divided into five divisions. Of specific interest to this project is RISE’s well equipped prototype production workshop and long-standing role in verification of adherence to industrial quality standards and certification.

UniverCell Holding GmbH

UniverCell is a German based company that produces electrodes and cells based on Li-ion technology. UniverCell is serving partners with deep rooted knowledge and a capacity of over 1.5 GWh/year to develop Energy Storage Systems that challenge the status quo, focused on highest quality, performance, innovative technology, and customized needs. The production is focused on low CO2 Footprint combined with a unique recycling concept. Univercell is responsible for the development of battery cells on a fully automated cell production line. The cells will be tested regarding their life cycle and capacity rate.

EIT RawMaterials CLC Baltic Sea OY (CLCB)

The company is committed to supporting Europe’s transition towards a circular, green, and digital economy whilst strengthening its global competitiveness and securing employment. On this foundation, EIT RawMaterials has been mandated by the European Commission to lead and manage the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). CO2Carbon is financially supported by EIT RawMaterials as the idea of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it into EV battery chemicals will directly contribute to the EU goals in climate neutrality and circular economy.