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CO2Carbon is a 2-year European project aimed to upscale the innovative technology that turns industrial exhaust CO2 into sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite for the electric vehicle batteries.


is imported to Europe annually


are estimated by 2030


of graphite is needed to cover the
EV fleet by 2030


is emitted per each ton of graphite produced

by competitors

From co2 to green batteries

An automated pilot shipping container will be built, which absorbs 10 tons of industrial exhaust CO2. Then, the synthesised carbon will be purified and will undergo the quality control. 2700kg of carbon nanomaterials/graphite will be produced, which will be used for green EV batteries.

UP Catalyst


A revolutionary project aimed to close the loop from the research of carbon nanomaterials and graphite to the production of sustainable batteries.

January 2022

Riga Technical University

Reactor design

The design of the first ever automated shipping container synthesis reactor will be finalized. The process includes the conceptual design of the CO2 supply and delivery system as well as the evaluation process.

June 2022

Bettery srl

Initial tests

The first materials in Li-ion cells will be tested in order to monitor the properties of the materials developed.

June 2022

Università di Bologna

Material characterization

The produced sustainable carbon will be physically characterized by using a range of physicochemical and electrochemical techniques. The first semi-solid lithium metal batteries will be constructed.

December 2022

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

Reactor construction

The construction of a fully automated shipping container-based synthesis reactor will be finalized. The reactor is able to capture 10T of CO2 and produce 2700kg of carbon material per year.

January 2023


Further tests

Further materials are being tested in Li-ion cells and semi-solid lithium metal batteries are being constructed.

June 2023

UniverCell Holding GmbH

Battery production

Full battery cells will be built on a fully automated cell production line. The cells will be tested regarding their life cycle and capacity rate.

December 2023

UP Catalyst / RISE IVF AB


Full life cycle assessment of the chosen design concept will be conducted to assess overall environmental performance. IP rights and certifications will be collected and final reports of the project presented.

December 2023

Battery revolution

made in europe

CO2Carbon is a joint effort of world-renowned research institutes and manufacturing partners to secure the supply chain of sustainable graphite and carbon nanomaterials in Europe. The project is the first stepping stone in revolutionising the green electric vehicle battery industry.